Firestone All Season Review & Rating for 2024

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  • Dry 85% 85%
  • Wet 80% 80%
  • Snow 70% 70%
  • Comfort 70% 70%
  • Noise 70% 70%
  • Treadwear 85% 85%
  • Overall 77% 77%

The Firestone All Season was released as a novelty of 2017, and it was labeled as the most budget-friendly, affordable tire for all-season purpose out of all tires of Firestone. It was made primarily to replace the older model FR710, so this new one All Season can fit all types of minivans, coupes, sedans, and crossovers. Firestone aimed to promote this tire toward all those with all-season basic needs when it comes to driving.

Firestone also used the unique, all-season tread that has a one of a kind design, and it includes deep grooves of the tread, as well as sipes, which all improve the performance on dry and wet surfaces. It is branded with an M+S symbol, and this All Season tire can in fact, give you a good traction for light snow too.

The engineers of Firestone spent some time and dedicated themselves to create this tire that gives a comfy and silent ride, and we can say, for the most part they did their job.

Additionally, those that are concerned with the fuel factor of efficiency, need to know that Firestone All Season has low rolling resistance, at least lower than competitors’ tires.

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Firestone All Season Review: Features

The Firestone All Season is in fact known as the Firestone’s Passenger All-Season tire that was designed for all those that have a sedan, coupe, a family minivan, or a crossover vehicle and they want a tire that can be used all year round, with great tread life, and good comfort.

This Firestone All Season tire has a good tread compound with silica, shaped into a design of symmetry with simple and easy rotation, thus promoting an equal, even wear. There are four circumferential grooves which help the water be ‘guided’ right through the footprint of the tire, and this improves the wet grip quite a lot. At the same time, the sipes give the biting edges some traction for light snow conditions.

The internal structure of the tire has a 1, or 2-ply body casing made of polyester, placed right under two steel belts with good width, with reinforcement of nylon that is spiral-wrapped – for extra ride quality, durability, and stability as well.

The All Season comes in sizes 14-20 inches, and has a T or H rating. The tread warranty is 55k-65k, for all sizes included.

Firestone All Season Review: Performance

Controlability and handling

Tires must be flawless control-wise in all conditions, because safety and a pleasant ride is above all things. At all times, the tires must give great road feedback, and the maneuvering must be easy as well. All Season has amazing controlability during the lifetime of the tire. The tread design is optimized, the internal structure is solid and reinforced, so the steering responsiveness is much better, as is the stability, and the cornering too.

The design of the tread has tread blocks with wide shoulder which are closely in contact with the road. Such tread blocks and the sipe detail, make the large number of biting edges grip the road when the tires move. More such biting edges means boosted gripping ability of the tires, and with this comes the improved cornering and maneuvering.

The continuous center ribs with the internal structure that is reinforced, improve the steering responsiveness of the model, as well as the stability during driving. Those ribs follow the road closely, for enhanced steering responsiveness, and following of the driver’s commands. The reinforced belt of steel preserves the good and optimal tire shape when there is pressure during driving. The deformation of the tire can be prevented, and this makes the structure stabilized when there is a driving pressure.

All weather performance

On the market, all-season tires are always more preferred. This is as such because all-season tires are practical all year long, as the name suggests. They have a good durability during the whole year, and a good grip too, for a secure traction in wet, dry, and winter conditions. There is no need to change them per seasons, but winter and summer tires have to be changed.

The name itself suggests, All Season gives a great performance during all seasons. The silica compound and the design of the tread make the gripping much better. That compound preserves the flexibility of the rubber all year long, from summer heat to winter cold. The ribbed pattern design of the tread and the sipes ensure firm gripping. The driving will be secure all year round with a great wet, dry, and winter traction.

This model also prevents the hydroplaning. The design of the tread with four circumferential grooves, helps in the water removal from under the footprint of the tire, during wet and winter conditions. In this way, the tire-road contact is great at all times, without obstacles from the standing water.

Better tread life

A longer tread life is maybe the most crucial aspect of a tire. The longer you use them, the more they become budget-friendly since they manage to last a while before you buy new tires. The manufacturers lean on various technologies for more tread life, and this gives an even and equal wear all through the lifetime of the tire.

The designers of this brand used a design for a tread with a purpose to increase the tread life of All Season. The tread design is symmetric,and it has three ribs in the center, with optimal and precise shoulder pattern that follows the surface of the road closely. With a better contact with the road, there is an even circulation of the pressure on the surface of the tire. Such an equal spread of the acceleration, braking, and cornering, make the tread life longer. How? By avoiding uneven formations of the tread across its tread area.

Comfy performance

The comfort during driving is a very crucial and important factor to have in mind when you browse for tour tires. Such tires have to offer almost no road noise and vibrating, and they have to ‘smoothen out’ the disturbances on the road.

All Season also has a strong internal structure for keeping this optimal tire shape. The structure of reinforced steel, wrapped with nylon, together with the cord body of polyester can indeed lower the vibrations on the road that are felt in the cabin of the vehicle. This is done in a way that the shock of driving is absorbed. With this, you will not feel the road vibrations.

Such an optimal design of the tread can lower the road noise too, contributing to a more pleasant driving experience. Isn’t a comfy and safe ride all that drivers want?


Firestone gives a 65.000 miles or 5-year warranty for the All Season. For the first 1/32 inch of wear, the tire uniformity is guaranteed.

The workmanship and materials are also warranted for a period of 5 years, and there is also a free replacement of a tire in the first 3 years after purchasing. There is also a prorated amount given for some remaining period of time, up to the last tread depth of 2/32. Additionally, there is also the ‘buy-and-try’30-day guarantee, so if you dislike the tire, you can get a refund, or choose another model. It is a pretty good deal…


Firestone All Season is a good and welcome novelty that is in fact, an update of the previous model FR710. It comes in many sizes, a whole range, at least more than other Firestone tires in the past. It provides good handling, traction, good comfort, and tread wear that is much needed all year long.

This is a new tire and it means there isn’t too much feedback from people who have used it. Still, there are some parts where you can see some issues. The wet street traction is alright, but it is not as good as other models of the same class. Additionally, the deep snow grip, and the ice grip is definitely not good – this is not a surprise, considering we are speaking about an all-season tire.

Overall, Firestone All Season is quite promising. It has a good price, in fact it is quite affordable, so this is a great thing if you are on a budget. We would rank this tire at level mid-to-upper in the all-season category. Certainly, there are better tires, but there are also worse quality tires in this category, but still, this is a good product worth the price.


  • Amazing handling and dry traction
  • Comfy and smooth ride
  • Design that is fuel-efficient
  • Lower cost compared to other brands


  • Wet traction needs improvement
  • Not fit for deep snow or icy surfaces

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