Primewell Tires Review

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Primewell tires are manufactured by Giti Tire of Singapore. The company also manufactures and sells tires under the GT Radial, Runway, and Dextero brands. The Giti Tire Company has eight plants in China and Indonesia with the capacity to produce approximately 289,900 tires daily. It recently opened a new plant in South Carolina, USA with the same ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation as the factories in Asia.

With that being said, it is safe to assume that Primewell tires are not your run-of-the-mill tire brand. They are cheaper than other brands, but not dirt cheap like similar tires manufactured in China. You can expect Primewell to cost less than Bridgestone or Michelin tires, but not as cheap as the tires from lesser known brands. Primewell tires are in the average side of the price range, making them perfect for the cash-strapped consumer.

Primewell Tires themselves market passenger car, SUV, light truck and van, and heavy truck and bus tires. Inside the passenger car tire section there’s seven specific variations, covering summer and winter, ice, and all season. There’s the imaginatively named “All Season”, Valera Sport AS, Sport 910, Valera Ice (hmm, wonder what surface that’s designed for), Valera Winter, PS880, and PS 870. Let’s have a look at the features of each.

Why Choose Primewell Tires

Besides the affordable price, there are other reasons why you should choose Primewell tires for your car, truck, or SUV.

For instance, there are Primewell R&D centers in Germany, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, and the United States that collaborate together to deliver the best high-quality product. Primewell understands that different regions from around the globe will demand a different set of tires to cope with existing weather and road conditions. I’m not totally sure if other lesser known tire brands can stake a similar claim in terms of tire manufacturing.

Tuned for Driving Comfort

In my experience, Primewell tires are specifically tuned to deliver driving comfort instead of focusing on grip and handling. Even their impressive lineup of ultra-high performance tires were decently comfortable compared to other high-performance tires.

Great Quality

Each Primewell tire that rolls off the manufacturing plant is given a final personal inspection by trained professionals. Their job is to ensure that there are no defects on the new batch of tires. This is good news for potential car owners who are considering Primewell for their new set of tires. Each Primewell tire is also equipped with a barcode on the tire sidewall to trace the raw materials that were used in the product.

2018 Primewell Tires Review


Primewell Passenger and All-Season Tires Review

Primewell “All Season”

The Primewell All Season is a touring tire designed for all-season performance. This is one of the most affordable tires in Primewell’s lineup and is ideal for compact cars, midsize sedans, small CUVs, and minivans.

The Primewell All Season is tuned for comfort rather than sporty driving. It is equipped with a series of circumferential and lateral grooves with multiple sipes to increase resistance to hydroplaning. The tire is also equipped with stable pattern blocks and transverse grooves on the tire shoulders to enhance the handling and steering response of your vehicle.

The Primewell All Season provides adequate amounts of wet and dry grip with light amounts of icy grip as well.

The All Season tire from Primewell Tires comes in a whopping 27 size varieties, with a special focus on the 15 inch diameter size.

There’s a sole 13 inch variant, at 175/70/13, before upscaling to 9 14 inch options. There’s a slightly out of kilter 205/75/14, before going to a 175/70/14 before maxing out at 195/60/14.

The15 inch options let you choose from four high sidewall sizes (75), before a more “normal” range of 70, 65, and 60, with a 215/60/15. Tread depth across the range varies from 8.1 mm to 7.8 mm, meaning there’s plenty of room for the tread patter to scoop up water and throw it backwards and sideways through the symmetrical sipe pattern.

Primewell PS880

I’m guessing the Primewell PS880 is the replacement for the PS850/PS830, and that is for the better. The PS880 is a premium summer high-performance tire that still delivers a decently comfortable ride. The Primewell PS880 is ideal for compact cars and midsize sedans and is available in diameters of 13” to 17”.

The Primewell PS880 is equipped with a symmetrical tread design with four large circumferential main grooves to enhance traction and grip on wet and dry roads. Tire stability and handling is further enhanced courtesy of the continuous center rib design.

This tire is aimed at a broader market, there are a massive 38 varietals, including one 17 inch, eight 16s, and a whopping fifteen 15s and ten 14s! There’s no sidewall higher than 65, with around two thirds being either 55 or 60, meaning there’s a squatter and more squarish look, especially when there’s 205/215/225s available, and the 17 sidewall is a 235/55, ensuring a big presence on the tarmac.

If you happen to be searching for a comfortable summer tire, you would be wise to include the Primewell PS880 in your shopping list.

Primewell PS870

The PS870 All Around Comfort tire from Primewell Tires is, as the name suggests, aimed at providing comfort all year round, with an emphasis on Summer. There’s an enhanced silica compound mix which provides more grip and has the added benefit of less tire wear across most normal road surfaces PLUS better braking and handling.

Construction wise, Primewell have used a jointless overlay build. In essence, this is a process that joins the steel belts that are now found embedded inside the silica/rubber mix, rather than a clamping where the weaves join, which may lead to a small bump and potential delamination.

The design is also summer oriented, with just two main drainage channels towards the centreline, and two finer threads towards the outer rim, connected to sipes of alternatively broad and narrow.

This particular tire is aimed at the smaller and/or older car market, with a range of 14 sizes. It kicks off with an unusual profile, being a super narrow and ultra high 135/80/13. You’ve then a choice of slighter broader profiles in the 80 profile, from 145 to 165. There’s then five 70 profile tires, from 145 to 185, providing a slightly broader overall footprint. Somewhat oddly they then go back up in height for the 14 inch diameter with one 80 profile tire (175 section width) then back to 70 from 165 to 195.

Primewell Valera Sport AS

The Primewell Valera Sport AS is an ultra-high performance all-season tire with a directional tread design. The tread pattern is utilized to enhance water evacuation to deliver superior wet driving performance. The tire is also equipped with four wide longitudinal grooves and larger shoulder blocks to enhance the handling and cornering abilities of your vehicle.

The Primewell Valera Sport AS is perfect for sports coupes, sporty sedans, and small crossovers. This tire is available in diameters of 15” to 19”.


Primewell SUV Tires Review

Primewell Valera SUV

The Primewell Valera SUV is equipped with an asymmetrical tread design and is best suited for high-performance SUVs and 4x4 vehicles. With widened longitudinal grooves and a widened central circumference, this tire is designed to deliver high-speed stability on both wet and dry roads.

The Primewell Valera SUV is available in diameters of 17” to 20” and is ideal for midsize crossover vehicles and sport-utility vehicles.

Sizes focus more on the 17 and 18 inch diameter varieties however do offer two 19s and one 20. The 17s come in 225/65, 235/65, 245/65, 215/60, and 235/55. Moving up an inch sees 235/60, 235/55, and a huge 255/55. The two 19s are also broad shouldered, with 255/50 and a truly grippy 275/45. The final option is for the true sport tire enthusiast, at 275/40/20.

Primewell Valera AT

Should one wish to go off road, there’s the Primewell Tires Valera AT. This is a dedicated All Terrain tire with a high grips five longitudinal tread block design. Primewell’s design engineers have spent plenty of time on a CADCAM computer program too, with the tread block shoulders themselves edged as if they were shovel blades. Somehow they back this up with grooves that are designed with smooth edges to kick out dirt, water, and small rocks & stones. The whole look is aggressive, meaty, determined, and promises plenty of grip for the off roader.

Given the propensity for off road drivers to like choice, Primewell Tires don’t stint on this area of the market.  There’s two 15 inch diameter tires for older vehicles, with a 235/75 and a big 31 x 10.5R15LT option. The 16 inch size throws out 10 varieties, kicking off with the LT225/75/R16. By the way, LT is Light Truck. P is for Passenger (I knew you knew that, was just making sure).

There’s then tires such as the LT245/75/16 or P265/70R16 and THEN there’s such a range of 17 inch tires you’d be forgiven for wanting to sit down with a cup of tea and holding your head in both hands. Here we go, with LT and P tires separately:  235/80/17, 235/75/17, 245/70/17, 265/70/17, 285/70/17, then 235/75/17, 235/70/17, 245/70/17, 255/70/17, 265/70/17, 285/70/17, 245/65/17, 255/65/17, 265/65/17. What an amazing range.

Finally, you’ve got eight 18 inchers; five passenger options and three off road, with LT275/70/18, LT275/65/18 and a massive LT285/65/18. The passenger tires start with a relatively narrow 255/70/18, middling out at 275/65/18 before topping out with 265/60/18. Primewell skip the 19s and hop directly to the 20s, with two attitude adjusting options at 275/60/20 and 275/55/20.


It’s clear Primewell Tires are one of the more” get up and go” tire manufacturers considering the sheer breadth of range, the clever engineering, and the concise yet informative details available.