Tekton 24330 3/8-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Review

by Torque Wrench

Yet another model from the Tekton drive click family of torque wrenches, this one is ideal for those seeking a 10-80 ft/lb torque capability. Very similar to it is the 24325 model with a 120-960 in/lb torquing capability. As you can see these measures determine the kind of applications the wrench comes prepared to handle.

What to expect from this torque wrench?

As outlined in our intro above, this model handles a different torquing potential compared to other sub-models in the same Tekton range. One more thing to keep your eyes – or rather, ears – open for is that this wrench is also a click-type one. This means it makes an audible sound when the required or pre-set torque is reached; saves you a lot of trouble and risk.


You will find some of the most practical and to-the-point features going into Tekton’s click type torque wrench range.

  • A knurled handle makes it supremely easy to grip and hold the wrench during work. This is an especially crucial feature to rely on if your hands happen to meet with a tiny amount of grease.
  • The click type wrench lives up to its name and clicks when the pre-set torque value is reached. You can stop applying force and call in a tightening job well done.
  • Completely made of steel and with a finish for corrosion-proofing, you have a durable torque wrench that can outlast so many other models by years.
  • A dual range scale means you can read the measure in two different forms or values and use the attached conversion chart that comes with the product to decipher the needed values. This is highly convenient. The scale is well contrasted and can be read even in dim conditions.
  • The wrench head is designed like a ratchet, has a reversible drive (3/8-inch), and is made of chrome vanadium steel. All in all, it is rather tough.

With such excellent and thoughtful features going into a torque wrench product, Tekton can rest assured that they will gain customer satisfaction like no other, to say nothing of how customers have enjoyed working with this wrench.

Who is this torque wrench for?

If you find yourself working a lot with cars and light trucks, this is the best wrench to have in your toolbox. You will not be keeping it in there for long anyways, owing to how useful it has been with tightening lug nuts and bolts, to offer two examples. With a welcome +/- 4% accuracy rating, professionals and DIY-ers alike can make the most of the 24330 3/8 torque wrench from Tekton’s click type range.


  • One of its most convenient features is a dual range scale using which you can measure the torque readout in either Newton/meter (N/m) or inch/pound (in/lb).
  • The handle affords a firm grip.
  • Highly accurate readout.
  • Wonderfully durable make.
  • Ideal for almost all auto-related projects.


  • You can only measure the clicks in a clockwise direction. Other wrenches out there come with dual direction measurements.
  • This wrench’s torque value can only be measured in inches; use the conversion chart to get the value you need.


We have said everything we need to say for this amazing torque wrench from Tekton. It certainly has immense practical value, and with a little creativity can be used with projects where other kinds of torque wrenches are called for. Add sturdiness, portability, and the jaw-dropping price of $37.51 (Amazon) and you have a wrench that can go more than the extra mile.

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