Tekton 24320 1/4-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Review

by Torque Wrench

It comes designed to work right out the box. You do not necessarily need to make any adjustments unless you know you must. The chart is easy to understand and you get a calibration certificate along with this amazing Tekton wrench. And it is priced competitively too.

What to expect from this torque wrench?

The most important thing to know about this wrench is that is a click-type model. The head rotates until you reach the required torque at which point it clicks to let you know to stop. This feature in itself saves you time and trouble as you work with this wrench. Over tightening and breakage are easily avoided when you know when to stop torquing.


The sheer precision of this torque wrench is superior to some models that are twice as expensive.

  • The head is designed as a ratchet, has a reversible drive (1/4 inch), and is made of chrome vanadium steel.
  • When you attain a pre-set torque value, the wrench head clicks to indicate the same.
  • You get a firm non-slip grip thanks to a knurled handle design.
  • The wrench is constructed entirely of steel and has a corrossion-resistant finish, making the whole product rather durable.
  • The scale is dual range and ideally contrasted, making it easy to spot the measurement value even in dim lit settings.

Who is this torque wrench for?

Suppose you know you are wasting hours shopping for that one ideal and cheap torque wrench where you need the quality to be good and oftentimes better than the price. If such value for money is your aim, the Tekton24320 1/4-inch is for you. It is the best DIY tool for your needs, in fact, it is perfect even for professionals.

If you find yourself working on lug nots, bolts, and other fixtures that need regular tightening, among other things, this wrench more than rises to the occasion. It is great for use with garden-related equipment, bicycles, and motorcycles.


  • Its quality is top notch for a wrench sold at such a low price. The value for money is excellent.
  • Precise measurement displays are in in/lb.
  • Ideal tool for light torque projects.
  • Dual range capability, meaning you can measure either in in/lb (inch/pound) or N/m (Newton/meter).


  • It does not measure torque for both rotational directions, only clockwise.
  • It has shown problems when replacing valve cover bolts and failed to click at the 36 in/lb setting.
  • Handle does not remain in alignment when tightening the knurled set screw at its base.


Versatile, accurate, multi-functional, and safe (thanks to the click-type feature), your convenience levels just got better with this Tekton piece.

Despite its shortcomings, this wrench rises to several occasions on the job. Whereas a 3/8-inch drive adequately covers high-end and more strenuous project work, this ¼-inch wrench is still a handy addition to the workman’s toolbox. If you live at home and like working in your garden, it is perfect for those kinds of equipment. If you own a motorbike or bicycle and want to keep it tuned up by yourself, this wrench is indispensable. It is also quite portable in case you feel like taking it with you.

We say yes to the Tekton 24320 1/4-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench.

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