Ohtsu Tires Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our guide on Ohtsu Tires – a hidden gem in the tire industry that’s been providing quality and affordable in the US since 1985. As a subsidiary of the renowned Falken Tires, Ohtsu has established itself as a brand for drivers seeking reliability without breaking the bank. 

The company has a primary line-up of four tire models which maintain high customer ratings (4.0-4.5 stars on average) and customer loyalty (over 80% of customers polled said they would purchase again). 

Ohtsu Tires offer an balanced combination of performance and price, with most tire models available for under $200 per tire. Although Falken has ceased production of Ohtsu Tires, their four primary tire lines remain widely available, due to a reserve of dealer inventory. 

Whether you’re in the market for new tires or just curious about Ohtsu’s offerings, our guide will break down what you need to know, where to find the tires, and ultimately help to steer you in the right direction. Read on to learn which Ohtsu Tire may best fit your vehicle.

Ohtsu Tire Line-up

Ohtsu has a tire line-up of 4 models: ST5000, FP7000, FP8000, FP0612. We’ve created a comparison table below to show the key purchasing factors for each tire.

Ohtsu Tire ST5000
Ohtsu Tire FP8000
Ohtsu Tire FP7000
Ohtsu Tire FP0612
Ideal For
SUVs, Trucks
Sedans, Crossovers
Coupes, Sedans
Sports Cars
Tire Style
All-Season, Touring
All-Season, Performance
Summer, Touring
Summer, Performance
Price ($/tire)

Note: All links shown above direct to PriorityTire, which we’ve found to have the widest selection of Ohtsu Tire inventory (by tire size) to best serve the wide needs of our readers.

A Word About Tire Styles

If you’re unfamiliar with tire styles, here’s what you need to know about the difference between “Touring” and “Performance” tires which are highlighted on our comparison table above. 

Touring tires are designed primarily to solve two driver needs: a smooth ride and reliable all-season traction. This is the tire style for most consumers who are just looking for something they can trust and will have a long use life. 

Performance tires are designed more for car enthusiasts and those looking to maximize the performance of their car. These tires are optimized for enhanced handling and grip, especially at higher speeds and in dry conditions. 

Now back to the guide!

Why Choose Ohtsu Tires?

Despite Ohtsu tires no longer being in active production, the primary concession one makes when selecting Ohtsu for their vehicle is around tire warranties. If that is not a deal-breaker for you, riding on Ohtsu tires features several highlights: 

Solid Price for Value

Ohtsu tires are among the most affordable branded tires that money can buy. Most of their tires will only start at around $60 to $70 each. Even their SUV tires offer terrific value for money since you can avail a larger set of 19” or 20” tires for less than half the price of more expensive brands. If you are on a tight budget, you should seriously consider getting a set of Ohtsu tires for your car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

Backed by Reputable Parent Brand

As previously mentioned above, Ohtsu tires are manufactured under the Sumitomo Group, which happens to be the 6th largest tire maker in the world. The Sumitomo brand is also the parent company of Falken tires and Dunlop tires.

Sporty and Aggressive Tread Design

There is no question that a nice set of tires will improve the overall styling of your vehicle. Unlike other cheap brands, Ohtsu tires are equipped with aggressive and sporty tread designs to give your car an added styling edge.

Interested in learning more about Ohtsu tires? Check out our detailed Ohtsu tire reviews so you can learn everything you need to make the right decision in your tire buying process. 

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