Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F Torque Wrench Review

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Precision in torque wrenches is vital. When adjusting the bolts, you need to get the ranges right to avoid them coming off because they are too loose or snapping because they are too tight. That is why you need the right tool for the job. One of those tools that are right up there with the best is the Precision Instruments C3FR250F torque wrench from Precision Instruments, which is arguably one of the best torque wrench brands.

Just like the name suggests, Precision Instruments is an industry leader that make very high quality and inexpensive torque wrenches in the market. The torque wrench from Precision Instruments is a prime example of this. Where other wrenches must be calibrated for storage, this one does not have to. In addition, the speed of wrenching is increased by using the spring-loaded mechanism on the wrench. It is also very long (22-1/8 inches) which means you can get more leverage out of this tool, which is one attractive feature according to several torque wrench reviews.

These and a whole host of features make this Precision Instruments torque wrench one of the must have items in your tool rack or toolbox.

What to expect from this torque wrench?

When you buy this 1/2 torque wrench, you should expect to find a really long and easy to use wrench. This wrench incorporates the latest technology to ensure maximum accuracy. While other wrenches basically require a “tonne” of force to tighten things, this wrench does not. You can be gentle with it and get the job done.


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  • Doesn’t require recalibration after use hence can be used as-is to recalibrate it
  • Has an adjustment knob that eliminates spring tension hence making adjustments easy.
  • Setting locks that can be used when calibrating to a required torque
  • It is rather long for added leverage when wrenching and increased reach
  • Speed and efficiency are guaranteed with the incorporation of an innovative torque mechanism which requires little force to get going.

Who is this torque wrench for?

The Precision Instruments C3FR250F torque wrench is ideal for home use and professional use. If you require a relatively inexpensive wrench, then this model is your best bet.  It is very easy to use and sets up very quickly. It is ideal for people dealing with both light and heavy industry machines whose bolts require tightening.

Pros and Cons

Several torque wrench reviews confirm that it is firm and very strong, and, also very light to use and carry around. In terms of accuracy, this wrench is very precise. It is easy to read thanks to the well laid out measurements on the scale. Also, you don’t require to apply a lot of force when calibrating this wrench. This is attributed to the precision technology incorporated where elaborate springs and dials make your work easier when tightening the bolts. The ergonomic design on it; the length on the torque wrench and the handle itself ensures easy handing and you can get to those hard to reach places. In addition, the wrench is relatively inexpensive when compared to others in the market. While you store this wrench, you do not have to re-calibrate it; just store it the way it is and your readings will still be accurate.

There are no major disadvantages to be wary of in this 1/2 inch Precision Instruments torque wrench. However, it only works in clockwise direction hence cannot be made use of to torque on certain thread fasteners (left hand). It is not a deal breaker because it is a feature of the split-beam design.


If you are looking for a convenient and easy to use torque wrench, then this Precision Instruments model will be a good fit for you. It basically ticks all the boxes as far as the best torque wrench is concerned.

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  1. Thanks! I\’ve been looking for a 1/2\” torque wrench and have been leaning toward this manufacture and I have been comparing many.


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