How To Pass Driving Test First Time

How to pass driving test first time?” It is surely the popular question to almost people planning to take driving test. It may be more surprising for you to know that the percentage of failing the first driving test is 50%? It is the true, though. And I am sure that you do not want to retake this test for 2, 3 or even 4 times. Therefore, ensure that you carefully prepare for the the first time test and then, follow those guides below.

Get prepared delicately so you can be ready completely for driving test

You have to face it! You know that your test is coming. It is not like a quiz or anything else. Therefore, you have no reason to forget to prepare for your test. The first cause of a fail driving test pass is the lack of your preparation. Begin to study at least 3 weeks before the test. Do not let the grass grow under your feet! Learning a little for 5 days a week is still better than doing this in one night. You will retain relevant information better and the chance of passing your driving test at the first time will be higher. Do not forget to drive with your parents if you really want to pass driving test first time. You can ask them to watch you in the morning before the driving test. Just ensure that you have checked the car’s mirrors correctly and tried to do the maneuvers frequently. This will encourage your confidence before the exam. Moreover, you should have enough sleep before your test and ensure that you eat something. Do not plan anything else for that day since you do not want to worry or rush about something else that you must do.

Take enough lessons

You may hear it before, but now, I will repeat this: 47 hours + 20 hours of private practice. According to DVSA, it is the average time you spend with your instructor if you want to pass driving test. It seems that taking the test quicker can help you save more money on the driving lessons, however, if you fail, you will lose £62 and spend more time for more lessons. A good driver knows how to save his money in the long run with lower insurance renewal prices and No Claims Discount.

Get used to the surrounding area of your test center

Facing an unknown route during the driving test for the first time isn’t a great start for you. You can use the last couple of your driving lessons to practice the roads that you may take during your test. In fact, your instructor may even know from the previous students what roads are most likely. Searching for things like the hills, or complex traffic systems and crowded routes will help you know which type of situations you may deal with during your first time test. Get used to signal. Besides, knowing hand gestures, street signs, when to pass, when and how to pull over for the emergency vehicles will also count. Read the manual! You will be fine if you know the rules!

Learn the way to park your car

Practice the parking skills as many times as possible if you want to pass driving test first time. By this way, you can park your car confidently whenever you have to. It is necessary to park on your first try properly. This also answers why practice is so vital. When parking, ensure that you take it slowly. It does not mean that you have to move when proceeding into parking spot hardly. What it means is saving your time and using a safe and appropriate speed to park. Try your best with parallel parking. Just make sure that you can turn on the indicators since not doing this will ensure your failure. Besides, try to avoid bumping the curb, go carefully, slowly, and look at the sides and back when you do so. Do not be afraid of taking your time when parking. Your test administrator is not going to punish you for slow driving if you are aware of the traffic and keep yourself safe.

Make sure that your car is in very good condition

Your insurance and registration should be accessible. The tires should be properly inflated, and in good condition, the lights should work well. Besides, you need to prepare functional windshield wipers and filled washer reservoir. All the car’s instruments, especially, speedometer, should work accurately. In addition, remember to turn off the radio when you get to the test center.
  • The windshield should have no cracks
  • Ensure your car is not belching smoke. If the test administrator feels that your car is unsafe, they may turn you away.
  • Adjust the seat so that it perfectly fits your style and height. You had better sit at least 25 centimeters (or 10 inches) from the steering wheel. Moreover, you should bend your hand at about 45 degrees and hold the steering wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.
  • Ensure that your feet can properly reach the pedals so that you need not bunch up in the seat or stretch to reach them.

Practice is the key

You should check the mirrors frequently and try to make this more exaggerated than normal to make clear that you are doing it. Keep your head always moving and looking out the car’s windows for the traffic, little old ladies, kids, pedestrians, etc. Keep your eyes on the routes, not on a hot girl or a handsome guy walking down the sidewalks. As the examiner will also see them and he will check to see whether your attention is for the hotness or the road. And certainly, if you still want to pass driving test, the answer is “the road.” When changing lanes or turning, remember to turn your head so that you can look behind you. The rear-view mirrors are useful for you. However, they are of foolproof. A good combination of the mirrors and your eyes is the best.

Do not be so tentative

Most of the examiners forgive some technical mistakes for the drivers, who are deliberate and assertive without being over-aggressive. Anyway, a driving test’s ultimate point is to prove that you are in control of your vehicle and yourself.

Say thank you to your examiner

When returning to the department of motor vehicle, you should listen to what your examiner says. In most cases, he will mention what you did right and what you did wrong. Then, he will tell you whether you failed or passed. Whatever is it, just thank him politely. In case you pass driving test, you will be pleased, and certainly, it is always great to be polite. In case you don’t get driving test pass, you must come back, and you may get the same test administrator in the next time. It will probably much harder for your next time if you treat your examiner impolitely.

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