How Long Does A Driving Test Take? An Ultimate Guide For Newbies

The driving test is an important test for any driver. However, very few people know the testing time accurately.

So, how long does a driving test take?

You will have to drive for about 40 to 45 minutes and pass 5 exams, including vision, vehicle safety, concentration, reverse, and independent driving.

Rest assured with the information we give because it is drawn from the feedback and experiences of those who have experienced it.

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How Long Does A Driving Test Take?

Competition time
Competition time

You will have to drive for about 40 to 45 minutes. This time is longer if any problems occur during the test.

To succeed in each turn, you need to make sure you understand their structure. Only then will you be prepared and confident for your performances.

Putting yourself in a passive position will increase the tension of any department and make your actions unscrupulous. Of course, it is understandable to fail when the mind is not clear.

As experienced drivers, we would like to outline the essential parts gathered based on the most objective and fair spirit. They may be different in some typical cases. A contest consists of 5 parts, namely:

  • Vision test: For the best results and without risk, you must undergo a vision. Only good eyesight can participate in this one.
  • Do vehicle safety questions: The theory is required to perform. It is like a hinge that confirms your understanding of vehicle safety.
  • The ability to drive with concentration: It is an important one that allows you to evaluate your ability to concentrate so that analysis and advice can be given to you.
  • Back the car: Back up your car to practice your handling skills.
  • Independent driving: If you are lucky enough to pass the last four parts, rest assured you have succeeded. Autonomous driving should not be too difficult to complete the previous four sections.

How Do I Pass My Driving Test?

To get this valuable piece of information, we have made an effort to find and cooperate with many famous schools. They have helped us to draw practical experience below.

Usually, it will take us about 40 hours to prepare for each one. This number is the average value assessed over a given group of people.

It will be larger or smaller depending on each person’s diligence, ability to absorb, and experience. So, how to pass the driving test the easiest way? Our information below will give you an in-depth answer.



First, you need to choose a suitable position to perform your exercises conveniently. You can go to the centers in the city or to the extensive lawns. They are the perfect places to start your workout.

In addition, you should also note that you should stay away from areas with dense populations or pedestrians because these areas are potentially dangerous to you. And you will not be entitled to participate in other competitions.

Take the mock exam

According to statistics, 80% of test drivers successfully pass the final test. We consider this to be an inevitable and not too surprising thing. Because when you participate in mock tests, you will be able to accumulate more skills and experience for the official one.

After each mock test, you will see your weaknesses and strengths. Timely overcoming the limitations will increase your success rate for your competitions.

It will help if you do a little research on the centers. You should choose a reputable center and guarantee quality.

Head down

Look up and stop lowering your head. That’s a valuable tip for you. Instead, make sure you get enough rest and sleep before the test. It would help if you were alert to react promptly when on the road. You fall in the car poses many risks to you and those around you.

The examiners are strict because they are the representatives of fairness and safety, with each being evaluated on its own merits. Don’t think that taking the tests later will give you a better chance of winning.

Play cool to soothe nerves

Driving in ease
Driving in ease

The competition puts a strain on the participants’ nerves, and that’s completely normal. But you need to overcome this because if you let your nerves overwhelm you too much, you will fail. All you need to do is take a deep breath and exhale gently; doing so will make you less stressed.

When Should I Register For Theory And Practice?

Be sure to study thoroughly before signing up for the test and ask your instructor for advice. Although early registration will save you many unexpected costs, the cost for the next re-test is even more terrible.

Best of all, prepare yourself with a stable economy to quickly pay the total cost of a driving test. Also, remember that practice is the key to success. Therefore, taking professional training classes is excellent, and they can help you become stronger and more confident.

However, consider your exam time carefully. You should avoid the period between 11 am and 1 pm as it can be detrimental to you.

What Are The Weirdest Reasons People Have Failed?

Fail driving
Fail driving

Let’s take a look at typical failure reasons below! They are valuable lessons for you to see your upcoming test and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road: Going on the wrong side is a common cause of failure for most participants. They come from the subjective spirit and do not learn specifically of the rider.
  • Confusion when crossing the road: It is a pity for you if you are unfortunate enough to encounter this error. It is taboo in traffic because it can affect many people around.
  • Confusing left and right: This unnecessary confusion is something you shouldn’t run into. Because it’s the simplest thing, and if you’re wrong, it’s unacceptable.

For more reasons, check out this video!


We have helped you answer how long a driving test takes through the above article. To complete your driving test, you need to prepare yourself mentally and economically. Check out our information, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

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