Driving Vs Traveling: What Is The Main Difference?


If you’re someone who frequently travels between places, you’re probably a busy person. The purpose of the trips is different, be it sightseeing, discovery or business, study, and cultural exchange. One point that is not too different no matter what the purpose of your trip is the way you get around. There are two popular … Read more

Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA?

Right Hand Drive Car

In the US and most European and American countries in general, the definition of the steering wheel resting on the left seems to have become an obvious thing. Experts have given many objective reasons, such as lower traffic accidents or helping drivers control their vision well. However, can you drive a right-hand drive car in … Read more

What To Do With Flat Tire At Night?

flat tires at night - what should I do

When participating in traffic, a flat tire at night is an unexpected but quite common occurrence. However, not everyone has a clear understanding of how to deal with this problem effectively and safely. If you are confused and do not understand flat tires at night, this article is the optimal solution. We have compiled all … Read more

O/D Off Meaning: How Safety & Benefit It Brings

OD Off Meaning - Featured Image

In the process of moving, there are parts of the road where you want to accelerate faster. To meet this requirement, the manufacturer has designed an O/d off button in the automatic transmission line. This symbol stands for Overdrive, a function that allows you to Overdrive. Let’s explore the meaning and importance of this function. … Read more

How To Tell Which Tire Is Out Of Balance?

How to tell which tire is out of balance - Featured Image

Imbalance is one of the situations many people don’t want to encounter while driving because it will make them have a bad driving experience. So, how to tell which tire is out of balance? In fact, many ways will help you realize this situation, such as: The car will shake very vigorously Rapidly running out … Read more

How Long Can You Drive On Unbalanced Tires?

How Long Can You Drive On Unbalanced Tires

To ensure safety when traveling, keeping the tires in a stable state is essential. However, you still have to driving with unbalanced tires in some cases because they cannot be repaired or replaced immediately. If you wonder: “how long can you drive on unbalanced tires?” to determine the appropriate repair time, please read the following … Read more