How Long Can You Drive A Car Continuously?

How Long Can You Drive A Car Continuously

How long can you drive a car continuously? A standard version can run continuously for about 7 to 8 hours before stopping to refuel the car. However, this is only technical. In fact, this number can be larger or smaller depending on the type of vehicle and yourself. For more details, follow our article below! … Read more

Can Flex Seal On Tires Fix Its Collapse?

flex seal on tires

Flat tires are a common occurrence when traveling by car. You can have many options to fix this problem, but using a flex seal on tires is the fastest temporary solution. Although this flex seal is not suitable for high pressure, it is an effective tool for flat tires. Let’s explore the following article to … Read more

Is 40 PSI Good pressure? Guides For Newbies

Is 40 PSI good pressure

One of the things that you need to pay attention to when using a car is the tires’ pressure. Because it directly affects your safety level while traveling on the road. Many drivers often wonder, “is 40 psi good pressure” and what is safe enough?  The simple answer is yes, but not in all cases. … Read more

Intelligent Safety Warning and Alert System for Car Driving

Safety Warning and Alert System for Car Driving

When it turned into twentieth-century various kinds of vehicles have been introduced to provide convenience in our daily life, thanks to the advanced technology and intelligent software developments, it now allows a car to drive faster and safer without many interventions of human. It, on the contrary, brings in some problems such as the happenings … Read more