Why You Need A Torque Wrench In Your Garage

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Tired of loosening nuts and bolts?

Afraid of over-tightening them?  

If that is the case, you do not have to be worried, a torque wrench is everything you need!

When it comes to bolting, getting the right equipment is one of the most crucial things you have to do. A torque wrench is a perfect choice for this task. With its many benefits, torque wrench is considered as one of the most must-have tools for every family’s garage.


Torque wrench is a precision tool used to measure the force applied to a fastener while tightening. A visual or audio indicator signals when you reach the torque force so you know when to stop applying pressure.

However, those who are not familiar with torque wrenches may doubt whether they ready need one at all. Is torque wrench really worth it for an investment?

To give you an answer for this question, in today article, first I will talk about torque wrench and how to choose a right one for your garage. After that, I will move to the main part about the remarkable benefits it offers, which explain why we should have a torque wrench in our garages.

How to choose the right torque wrench

When it comes to purchasing a new torque wrench or any tool, certain factors can at times be overlooked which will determine whether a wise buying decision will be made.

The longevity and durability of the tool are the ultimate tests in determining a “Value for money” product.

Verifying the torque wrench performance against Australian or International standards for accuracy: this is one of the most important aspects. Most models have an accuracy tolerance for the displayed torque output (+/- 4%, +/- 2% or even +/- 1%). The lower the tolerance the more accurate the reading will be as the true reading will be within the specified + or percentage of tolerance.

However, when deciding on the perfect tool to use you first need to determine which tool will best suit the application that you need.

There are so many different types that vary in function, accuracy and durability on the market. A torque wrench is a precision instrument, it is worth investing in a quality product.

For all of those reasons, investing in a best quality torque wrench can be considered as the wisest choice. In order to assist in the decision making process, I have put together a definition of some of the various types of torque wrenches in the list below.

Types of Torque wrench

As I have just mentioned above, torque wrench has many types, which work differently with the other and have their own structures. However, in this part, I will just tell you about 4 common types of torque wrench: Beam, Deflecting beam, Micrometer toque wrench, and Electronic / Digital Readout.

Beam Torque Wrench

Beam torque wrench is the most basic form.

The beam-type wrench comprises a lever arm and a smaller bar. The lever arm extends from the handle of the wrench to its head. It is also attached to the wrench head.

The smaller bar is only attached at one end to the wrench head and free on its other, this serves as the indicator beam.

The handle of such torque wrenches has calibrated scales attached to them. When pressure is applied, the scale moves. On the indicator, you can see when the required torque has been reached.

Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches

A tool that is handed down from generation to generation. They work by applying torque to a deflecting beam rather than a coil spring. This is claimed to help prolongs the life of the wrench and also ensures extreme accuracy.

A dual signal feature (visual and audible) ensures that operator knows when the desired torque has been reached.

Micrometer Torque Wrenches

This is the most commonly used and most versatile torque wrench, can be found in any mechanical workshop.

The setting is simply adjusted by twisting the handle until it reaches the correct torque setting on the barrel of the tool. Rotating the handle clockwise tightens a spring inside.

The tool clicks when you apply torque to a nut or bolt, in order to let you know the correct torque has been reached.

Electronic / Digital Readout

Electronic / Digital Readout toque wrench: has a digital readout screen which allows the user to program the torque limit. Measurement is by means of a strain gauge attached to the torsion rod. This strain gauge sends a signal to a transducer to determine the force of torque per unit, which is then displayed via the LED reading. The LED lights will notify the user when they are approaching a desired torque setting and when the torque setting has been reached along with an audible alert signal.

Why you should have a torque wrench in your garage?

When it comes to bolting, you will often find yourself in need of extra pressure, something a machine will over-do and you will under-do. This is when you need a torque wrench – the only tool that can bring ‘just right’ application of pressure. However, that is not the only reason why you should have a torque wrench in tour garage. A torque wrench has more and more benefits, which will we discuss in this part.

Easy to use

Torque wrench is not just for mechanical experts, even an unskilled handyman can make sure to complete an important task by using this tool.

In addition, there is no need to use too much effort in tightening bolts or nuts that can lead to a waste. The torque wrench prevents arm muscles strain, and also improves overall quality of work.

Higher mistakes can happen and even give you injuries when you get tired. Why need to make things harder when using a torque wrench can surely get the job done.

Improved accuracy

The most remarkable thing about using a torque wrench is this tool can help you to improve accuracy. You will be able to tighten nuts and bolts properly to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Therefore, torque wrenches will save you from reworking when over or under-tighten bolts. You will achieve consistency when bolting. There is no need for tests when using a torque wrench, which can help you consume a lot of time. The bolts and nuts will be tightened perfectly, which help to reduce any chance of a breakdown.

 Fewer problems

Ideally, you don’t want to tighten a bolt or nut more than necessary; however, often, many workers can go too far and strip the metal or make the bolts too tight. You can type in preset torque levels that will cause the tool to stop tightening after a certain point if you have a digital torque wrench. This handy feature prevents accidental damage and over-tightening

More efficient

Working with a traditional ratchet or wrench can be a bad idea if you have a large number of bolts to tighten. As we can see, these tools aren’t nearly as fast and efficient as torque wrenches. In addition, there’s also another downside to using them: they don’t consistently tighten all bolts to the same point since ordinary ratchets and wrenches rely on man power.

On the other hand, a torque wrench can ensure that each nut and bolt is just as tight as the next. Thereafter, you do not have to worry about under or over-tightness, and can tighten dozens of nuts/bolts. This is a vital benefit when working on several bolts for example in an assembly line. Every bolt must be tight and strong in the case you want a building or object to be structurally sound.

Torque wrench can be a great tool to accomplish jobs within a limited time without sacrificing quality.

Less maintenance

Over or under tightening is that it leaves room for damages. The parts rub against each other due to under tightness will tend to get damaged. With time, you will need to consider replacing or repairing the damaged parts. This can be prevented by using a torque wrench in flange mechanic (flensmonteur). You can achieve the exact torque that is required. The risk of damages due to under or over tightening of nuts/bolts can be reduced.


In conclusion, that is all about torque wrench and its various benefits. After this article, you can see that torque wrench is one of the most important tools your garage should have in the almighty toolbox. I hope you can understand why it is a must-have tool and you need to choose a right torque wrench for your own garage.

If you get it, let’s go to the market and get one for your garage!

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  1. Alvin, this is a great read! You absolutely need a torque wrench to work on engines or any powertrain components. Most home mechanics will require ½ inch drive with a minimum of an 18-inch handle. Ensure that the working range is 30 to 60 ft. lbs. They are perfect for tire changing and similar work in the garage. You may pick from hydraulic, pneumatic and electric wrenches.


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