Tire Cracking Between Treads: Know How to Resolve

Checking tires in good condition is a must when owning a vehicle. It ensures driving safety and reduces fuel waste. It also helps you easier in maintaining the car. As having ample tread depth, all tires are at sufficient pressures. Furthermore, you also avoid physical damage. Tire cracking between treads is a popular phenomenon that you should pay attention to. 

Elements cause cracks tires in a vehicle


Tires usually have a lifespan like other things in a vehicle. They probably break down in the amalgam and fail function after a while. In general, tires can last about 7 years under typical circumstances. 

Tire Cracking Between Treads

When tires are old, they have cracks between threads. Sometimes, you just find dry hot only. However, tire cracking will appear from time to time. The severity of cracks might cause accidents on the road. 


Under-inflated tires have big surfaces in touch with the road. It also expands the heat and friction in the area at the same time. Moreover, over-inflated tires boost extra stress to the sidewalls of tires. Hence, they cause tire bulging and cracking.


Rubber in tires is beginning to fail. Because of UV lights, oils, chemicals, and other components outside, they influence compounds. Then, they decrease the rubber’s function. As adaptability reduces, cracks occur. When cracks rise, the tires will wear out and split. 


Harmful chemicals shatter all compounds of the tires. Thus, you should clean wheels and tires on a regular basis. More importantly, you need to choose right solutions to clean.  

UV rays

UV rays in sunlight weaken the materials of tires. High temperature reduces the quality of polymer bonds. They are armor to protect tires. UV rays decrease the lifespan of tires and wheels.


Some people do not think that water is a cause of tire cracking between treads. Unless you are using waterproof rubber in tires, the wheels could get stuck in rains and reduce the lifespan. On the other hand, prolonged driving in wet conditions ought to weaken the structure of tires.

Manufacturing defects

This is a rare cause of tire cracking between treads but sometimes it happens. Young vehicles often get manufacturing defects, especially new cars. If you have this problem, return it to the dealership or production and ask for a test.

Could I repair cracked tires?

Generally speaking, you can repair cracks in tires. Nevertheless, it fills the holes for appearance only. The problem could be concealed but not diminished at all. Fill up all cracks in a tire’s sidewall with filters cannot ensure driving safety in long term. Dry root and tire cracking between treads still happen and damage tires. The best method is replacing new tires.

How to avert cracked tires

It is fairly impossible to ward off minor tire cracking; plenty of steps could prevent big damage. Here are a few solutions to reduce cracks in the tire surface.

How to avert cracked tires

Four tires clean

Clean four tires on a regular basis is a must. However, make sure that you use a mild soap and water solution to wash four tires only. A dedicated tire cleaning product is fine when used. However, you should not take alcohol and petroleum-based cleaners as they eliminate the protective layer in tires. Keep the vehicle on a cement floor or free-alcohol base only.

Regular check

By checking your tires frequently, you will recognize minor issues. Moreover, over-inflated or under-inflated tires also reduce their lifespan, especially wear-and-tear tires. 

No parking in harsh weather condition

Never park in a harsh condition for a long time. Freezing temperatures and high heat destroy tires. Keep your vehicle indoors and use mats (between tires and the ground) to protect wheels. Stay away from direct sunlight.

Your driving habits

You could be surprised that your driving habits can cause tire cracking between treads. High-speed braking, speeding, and skidding are three main examples of enlarging the temperature in tires. Of course, it worsens old cracks and makes new ones between treads on the tires.

No sit it in a garage too long

Do exercise for your car to help the tire rubbers better. This is because tire cracking between treads does not have a chance to create and develop quickly. So, open the vehicle every few days to help tires awake (even if you do not use it for a while).

Is it hazardous to drive on crack tires?

Small cracks are potential signs of menacing accidents although it looks harmless. Any minor crack should be drawn attention to by a well-trained mechanic. It is also necessary to replace new ones if they recommend you do that.

Basically, tire cracking between treads is not dangerous. However, it causes destructive failure of all tires. Treads ought to separate when driving or you suffer blow-out tires. At that time, you could not control the vehicle anymore.

Final Words

Realizing tire cracking between treads possibly supports you to increase tire use. It also protects the driver and car occupants. This is simply obtained by knowing when a tire should be replaced.

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