Nankang N889 Mudstar Review

Nankang N889 Mudstar Review

  • Dry 80%
  • Wet 80%
  • Snow 85%
  • Comfort 70%
  • Noise 70%
  • Treadwear 80%
  • Overall 77%
I was talking to the guys at the local tire shop about the Nankang N889 Mudstar tires. Someone was quick to point out the Mudstar was better than a comparable mud terrain tire costing upwards of $300 each. But with the N889 Mudstar, you only need to pay half that amount.

But price should not the only consideration when choosing new tires for your vehicle. In terms of looks, the Nankang N889 Mudstar is on top of the heap. The large and aggressive tread blocks are sure to improve the rugged go-anywhere stance of your SUV or pickup truck.

The guys at the tire shop were able to hook me up with a customer who drives a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 motor and 6-speed manual tranny. The Jeep was riding on aftermarket 17-inch wheels and Nankang N889 Mudstar tires. In fact, the Jeep is being sold by the owner so he can make room in the garage for a new family-oriented SUV.

I agreed to help the owner to find a buyer for his Jeep in exchange for a lengthy test drive. We shook hands before he gave me the key to his off-road SUV. The next day, I brought my cousin along for the ride. He was saving money to fuel his off-road passion and needed a new ride that is capable of tackling more challenging terrain. He took a particular liking to my test vehicle since it is equipped from the ground up with all the mods required to tackle the most demanding off-road terrain.

But first, we need to review the performance of the Nankang N889 Mudstar tires.

Nankang N889 Mudstar Review: Features

The Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T is a mud terrain tire for off-road vehicles and 4x4 pickup trucks. The tire is designed to provide unwavering levels of traction on all types of road conditions, even on deep mud or snow.

The tire is equipped with extra-large and aggressive tread blocks to offer better grip and traction on a variety of on-road and off-road terrain. The tire is also equipped with a rigid shoulder and sidewall design to provide better riding comfort and better control. The tire also has large and open tread voids to effectively flush out water and mud from the face of the treads.

The tread blocks on the Nankang N889 Mudstar are not only meant to provide ruggedly handsome good looks and superior traction. The tread blocks also benefit from variable pitch technology to reduce the noise levels of the tire when driven on smooth tarmac.

Nankang N889 Mudstar Review: Test Drive

We took the Jeep out for a whole weekend of testing to find out if the Nankang N889 Mudstar is capable of brilliant off-road performance and refined on-road manners.

I’m not what you would call the biggest fan of Jeep vehicles because I find them too uncivilized for the real world, but driving it off-road instantly made me a fan.

Dry Traction

The Nankang N889 Mudstar tires felt stable and secure as we navigated over dry patches of rough roads.

There were sharp stones, loose vegetation, and a moderate sprinkling of sand but the tires were unfazed by the potentially hazardous elements.

We took the Jeep for a high speed run on the highway to find out if dry grip is as good off-road as it is on-road, and we weren’t disappointed at all.

If not for the fuzzy and disconnected steering feel of the Jeep, the vehicle would have felt better when driven on well-paved roads.

Wet Traction

The Nankang N889 Mudstar tires had no problems dealing with soaking wet pavement. The tires were also magnificent as we climbed over a muddy hill.

Wet tarmac posted no problems for the tires as we never felt the tires broke traction even as we were pushing the Jeep to higher than average speeds.

Snow Traction

Since the Nankang N889 is a proper mud tire, we were confident it can handle more than 2-inches of snow.

We were able to safely steer and stop the Jeep even on deep snow. In fact, our test vehicle felt relentless as we were able to go over roads that were deemed unpassable.


When it comes to comfort, it is sort of a mixed bag. The tires felt busy when driven on smooth and paved roads, but the comfort levels are better when driving over uneven patches of rough terrain.

The tires also felt a bit stiff in the city, although potholes and minor road undulations can be attacked with utmost confidence without unsettling the vehicle.

It is hard to complain about the ride comfort if you are behind the wheel of a rugged off-road vehicle, but it is good to know the Nankang N889 Mudstar was able to deliver a bit more comfort when we needed it most.


The Nankang N889 Mudstar is not the quietest mud tire I have personally tested so far, but it’s not as bad as other cheap alternatives.

You will hear tire roar on the highway at anything above than average speeds, and the tires will also make themselves known if you drive aggressively on tight city streets. But given the low price point of the N889 Mudstar, I would have to say that refinement is above average.


The owner of the Jeep bought the Nankang N889 tires before the start of the winter season. The tires were still good as new at the time of this review.

There was no evidence of damage or accelerated wear on the treads, but we did find a few scuff marks on the sidewall of the rear tires. We asked the owner about this and he told us the scuff marks were a result of aggressive driving on his previous off-road excursions.


The Nankang N889 Mudstar mustered good traction on all road surfaces while offering higher levels of comfort and grip on the most demanding off-road terrain.

Primewell Valera AT Review

Primewell Valera AT Review

  • Dry 85%
  • Wet 80%
  • Snow 85%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Noise 75%
  • Treadwear 75%
  • Overall 80%
All-terrain tires are generally regarded as expensive. But not the Primewell Valera AT. The Valera AT is an all-terrain and all-season tire designed for rugged 4x4 vehicles and SUVs. This is the type of tire that will give your vehicle go-anywhere capabilities. If you want to upgrade the looks and off-road prowess of your truck or SUV, the Primewell Valera AT is a good choice.

First, let’s talk about the price. You can buy a set of 5 Primewell Valera AT tires (one for the spare tire) while still paying less money if you would buy 4 pieces of all-terrain tires from other known brands. That’s how cheap the tires are.

Next, let’s talk about the looks or tread design. The large longitudinal and shoulder blocks are primed for action. The tires are practically screaming for action! It is only fitting that I got myself a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser fitted with a 2.5-inch lift kit, aftermarket 18-inch wheels, and Primewell Valera AT tires.

But is this tire all about the looks? Does it look good to cover up some minor imperfections on the side? These are the questions in my mind as I prepared for this review of the Primewell Valera AT tires.

Primewell Valera AT review: Features

The Primewell Valera AT is engineered with five longitudinal blocks that are designed to deliver maximum traction on any type of road surface, including deep or moderate snow. The tire is also equipped with a unique shoulder block design that works like a shovel as you move forward. This design is responsible for the traction and grip when driving over mud or icy slush.

Take a closer look that the grooves of the tires. You will notice that the grooves have a 3D chamfered design that enables the tire to eject stones and debris on the tread. This feature will ensure that the tires maintain traction while also improving the durability of the rubber.

You know the Primewell Valera AT is cheap, and you already know it is fitted with an aggressive and good-looking tread design. But how does it behave on the road?

Primewell Valera AT review: Test Drive

I’m not a big fan of the FJ Cruiser. But then again, I’m not a fan of off-road driving either. I simply find the FJ Cruiser to be too pretentious for its own good. My colleagues are quick to point out the FJ Cruiser is a capable off-road machine despite behaving like a boat on normal roads. But if I were to go off-roading, I would probably take with me a Jeep Wrangler or a Toyota Land Cruiser.

In the flesh, the FJ Cruiser looks more aggressive, especially in off-road configuration. The lift kit definitely gave the truck some character while the chunky wheels and off-road tires added a rugged appeal to my test car.

Dry Traction

So far, so good. The Primewell Valera AT tires had exceptional amounts of dry traction. I drove on the highway and the tires were surprisingly refined, but more on this later. I also drove on a moderately challenging off-road trail, and the tires never skipped a bit, even on loose gravel peppered with sand and loose dirt.

Wet Traction

The Primewell Valera AT offered huge dollops of grip on wet roads. I never felt the SUV loose traction even as I pushed hard on the gas pedal on a wet highway. The tires simply gave me a feeling of confidence even if my test car had a tendency to wallow and float at moderately higher speeds. I also tested the tires on wet mud and my truck simply drove over the thick slush like it was never there.

Snow Traction

The Primewell Valera AT tires felt exceptionally good as I tested the tires in the snow. Icy roads and slush were no match for the capabilities of the Valera AT. I went as far as testing the tires in deep snow (which was around 3 inches) and the tires never skipped a beat. By this time, I was loving the FJ Cruiser more and the tires were proving that they are worth more than the price.


The FJ Cruiser is not the most comfortable SUV I have ever driven, especially with the aggressive lift kit installed. However, I have nothing bad to say about the ride comfort as the SUV felt pretty decent on all types of road conditions. The owner of the FJ Cruiser told me the Primewell Valera AT was a big upgrade in overall ride comfort over his old set of all-terrain tires. This has something to do with the large and solid tread blocks that act like shock absorbers as the tire rolls on the road.


The same holds true for the road noise. The owner of the FJ Cruiser said the tires are also quieter and more refined than his old set of rubber. This is high praise for an all-terrain tire since these types of tires are not known for their comfort and ride silence. But if you push it on the highway, you will notice a bit more tire roar, which is what I expected given the aggressive nature of the tires.


The treadwear characteristics of the Primewell Valera AT is on the average side of the spectrum. The tires on my FJ Cruiser were approximately 6 months old and have traveled an average of 8,000 miles. I noticed signs of wear on all four tires, but I think this is par for the course. Primewell tires are notorious for less-than-favorable treadwear, but I am happy to report the Valera AT tires on my test vehicle were holding up pretty well.


It’s great to know you don’t need to fork over a huge amount of cash for a quality set of all-terrain tires. You should check out the Primewell Valera AT if you want a cheap, dependable, refined, and great looking set of all-terrain rubber.