5 Main Causes Of AC Only Works When Driving

AC Only Works When Driving

Suppose you have a car that has been used for a long time and has some minor problems. Sometimes you don’t notice or ignore them. However, when your air conditioner is not working efficiently or producing hot air, it is bound to be something that bothers you. This condition has many causes, including the condenser … Read more

Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air Out Of The Vents?

My Car Blowing Hot Air Out Of The Vents

Cars bring you convenience and a luxurious temperament. But besides that, the technical aspects of engine maintenance are also complicated for most people. If you have been a car owner for a long time, you must have had problems with breakdowns. The question is why the car blows hot air out of the vent. The … Read more

Recommended Tire Pressure – What Should My Tire Pressure be?

Recommended Tire Pressure

Maintaining correct tire inflation pressure is very important since it helps optimize tire performance and fuel economy while over-inflated tires are just as problematic as under-inflated ones. In fact, driving with under-inflated tires is one of the biggest causes of tire failure, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Besides, under-inflated tires can cause many other … Read more